Freya EV - RC glider - 150cm/59in - KIT
Freya EV - RC glider - 150cm/59in - KIT

Freya EV - RC glider - 150cm/59in - KIT

Start flying in thermals!

A model designed for people who start their adventure with thermal flying. For those who like classic designs and adhere to the principle of "balsa flies better".

KIT contains elements for building the model and you have to glue it yourself. If you don't want to do this, choose the ARF almost ready to flight version.

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KIT Version includes:

- laser cut elements from balsa wood

- laser cut elements from plywood

- 3d printed elements

- carbon tubes

- nylon wing bolts

- steel nuts

- pushers

- control levers

- model building plan (instruction)

- stickers

What you need to have to build and fly:

- 2x servo 5-9g

- 2S Li-Po battery

- electric motor eg.  Redox BLF420/1000 (maximum diameter 28mm)

- ESC 10-15A

- 34mm spinner

- eg. folding propeller 7x6

- micro receiver (3-channels)

- Oracover or Monocote foil or other lightweight covering material

- wood glue

- CA glue thin and thick

Technical data:

- flight weight: ~350g

- wingspan: 1500mm / ~ 59in

- length: 900mm / ~ 35,5in

- wing profile: hn1033

- wing area: 24 dm2

- wing loading: 14.5 g / dm2

See how our glider takes off and flies:

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